Rob Cohen Talks Monster Squad’s Delay, Wants to Direct

His Alex Cross slated to hit theaters later this month with Tyler Perry in the lead, director Rob Cohen spoke today with about the James Patterson adaptation and about some of the upcoming projects that he has in development, including his proposed remake of Monster Squad. A producer on the 1987 original, Cohen says that he’d love to direct the remake but that the project is stalled the studio..

“[The original] is one of the best things I’ve ever produced and I wanted to direct [the remake],” he says. “…It’s sitting at Paramount. It’s a great script. I’ve been kicking them. Michael Bay has been kicking them. They don’t roll over… I don’t understand it. I’m hoping that one day we just get a call that they’ve finally seen the light of day.”

 As to when the project might move forward, Cohen is optimistic.

“It happens all the time,” he says. “They get onto something and they go, ‘The biggest audience we can get is young males between 12 and 16. What do you have that’s for young males between 12 and 16?’ Somebody says, ”Monster Squad’! Let’s do it! Let’s do ‘Monster Squad’!’ It’s that crazy.”

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