Check Out This Pitch Reel for a Platinum Dunes Halloween Remake

Halloween was in line to be rebooted yet again a few months back when The Weinstein Company was courting partners to help them develop a new Michael Myers outing.  Platinum Dunes – the company behind A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th remakes – was in talks at one time, however, those talks dissolved, leaving TWC still wondering what to do with the Halloween property. 

In the wake of all of this, storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro – who has worked on most of Marvel’s feature films – has revealed his pitch reel to Platinum Dunes.  He was vying for a directing gig, however, he was a bit late to the party and missed the opportunity to pitch the company.  After the jump, check out his reel which will give you an idea of what he had planned.

It should be reiterated that this is not the film that’s happening, but just a proposed take.

D’Alessandro writes:

“As a lifelong HALLOWEEN fan it would be a dream to direct a reboot of the franchise that’s so near and dear to my heart. I created this animatic to show the tone and storytelling that I would bring to the project if I were lucky enough to have that chance. If you like it, please repost…if this gets enough hits, who knows, maybe I’ll get that opportunity!

For more of my work, including my short film which won Best Horror Short at Comic Con, please go to

Also huge thanks to the Maya wizard Craig Guessford for creating the end title design.”

Thanks to /Film for the heads-up!