The Lords of Salem: Reaction from Last Night’s TIFF Screening

Last night, Rob Zombie’s latest feature film, The Lords of Salem, made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.  

The project marks his first original horror film since directing the Halloween remake and its sequel, Halloween II, and curiosity concerning his tale of witchcraft in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts is high.  This time, Zombie is operating outside of the shadow of the Weinstein brothers and working under Blumhouse Productions, the home of Insidious, Paranormal Activity and the upcoming Sinister.

The Lords of Salem currently does not have a distributor, but that is going to change soon as a few companies are courting the flick.

As this one comes somewhat highly anticipated, we’ve gathered up some of the divisive screening attendee reaction from those who tweeted about the film last night. 

  • @DrewatHitFixGotta say… Rob Zombie’s “Lords Of Salem” is a complete original. Nice rebound after the “Halloween” films, and freaky as hell.
  • @MintzPlasseLords of Salem. Twisted dark nightmare of a film. Still don’t know if I like it or not.
  • @TaraMasonWell that was the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Take my advice and don’t see The Lords of Salem. Seriously SOOOOO ridiculously bad
  • @TheInSneiderLords of Salem felt like a love it or hate it pic. Zombie’s hardcore fans’ll dig it but I don’t think it’ll be crossover hit Paranormal was.
  • @EthanVesI dug the hell out of Lords of Salem, brazenly weird and self-aware and oh so gorgeous looking.
  • @DustinCohenRob Zombie’s latest Lords of Salem was a let down. Good moments, but needs a re-cut to speed it up and keep the momentum.
  • @KalenArtinianLords of Salem was sort of a crazy Kubrick, Argento & Lynch combination
  • @KatarinaGI liked LORDS OF SALEM a lot more than I expected. Damn beautiful to look at. That Brandon Trost is one talented cinematographer.
  • @ChadEberleLORDS OF SALEM. Rob Zombie’s most well-made film yet. Unfortunately it’s his first boring one.
  • @VeryAnalLORDS OF SALEM is THE SENTINEL meets Kubrick meets ALTERED STATES. And I kinda really loved it.
  • Gary PullenTurns out Lords of Salem is Zombie’s best film to date. Wisely, it replaces Redneck dialogue and toilet humor (though some still of that still lingers) with large doses of Jodorowski and Kubrick-esque visuals. The ending is a plate of scrambled eggs but Meg Foster’s brave performance as the town witch steals the show.

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