Where We Ask Doug Aarniokoski: Does Nurse 3D Live Up to Those Wild Posters?

Out promoting his latest film, The Day, director Douglas Aarniokoski was happy to talk with Shock Till You Drop about his upcoming thriller, Nurse 3D.  

Shot last year in Toronto, the film features a cast which includes Boardwalk Empire‘s Paz De La Huerta, Katrina Bowden (Piranha 3DD), Judd Nelson and Boris Kodjo.  De La Huerta plays a woman who is a nurse by day and a killer at night, someone who uses her sexuality to lure and slaughter cheating men.

To date, two teaser posters have been released by Lionsgate, the first featuring the film’s leading lady naked and covered in blood.  The second being a close-up of, presumably, her bare breast and a man’s mouth hovering just before her nipple.  With Aarniokoski in the interview hot seat, we asked: “Does Nurse 3D live up to those crazy teasers?”

He told us: Nurse is a crazy thriller in the vein of Fatal Attraction and Black Swan set in a hospital.  Paz De La Huerta is a wildcat and she plays a crazy character.  I hope the movie lives up to those posters, I feel that it does.  The inspiration for the posters is based on the movie that we shot.  There’s a lot of blood, there’s a lot of sex, a lot of guts and a lot of fun.   It’s as advertised.”

“It’s going to come out next year, we don’t have a release date yet,” he said, citing the recent Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment merger for the slight release delay (the joining studios needed to re-schedule their respective line-ups).  But rest assured, when the insanity arrives on screen, “Oh, it’s definitely 3D.  This movie goes for it, it’s about a woman who kills people because they’re getting in her way of a plan she has in her mind.  It’s very on the edge.  I have my fingers crossed for the ratings board.”

After seeing those posters, hopefully the MPAA won’t be waiting for the film with a pair of scissors.

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