Exclusive: Sissy Spacek Thrilled by Potential for a New Carrie

There are maybe a dozen classic horror films that fans would probably never want to see touched or remade including The Exorcist and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Brian de Palma’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie, which introduced many to actress Sissy Spacek, has been transposed into other formats over the years, but no one’s dared to make another theatrical film until now. 

Horror fans may have been slightly unsure how to feel when MGM announced they were remaking De Palma’s classic, even with the great casting of actresses like Chloe Moretz (Let Me In) and Julianne Moore tackling the roles of Carrie and her ultra-religious mother, and a stong female director like Kimberly Peirce at the helm, maybe because they’re so used to beloved horror classics being ruined whenever someone tries to update them.

Sissy Spacek has been in New York doing press for her terrific new memoir “My Extraordinary Ordinary Life” and when Shock’s companion site had a chance to interview her, they asked how she felt about them remaking a movie that still holds up quite well over 35 years since its initial release.

It would probably be a racier story if Spacek hated the idea of them doing a remake but like with everything else, she had a great attitude about the whole thing, including the idea of 15-year-old Chloe Moretz taking on the difficult title role.

“I think she’s a wonderful actress,” Spacek said and got even more excited when she learned that Julianne Moore would be playing the Piper Laurie role of Carrie’s mother. “That’s great!” she exclaimed.

“They hired a really wonderful director, very talented,” she continued. “It’ll be interesting. Our film, it is what it is what it is, and it stood the test of time, but I think that’s great, it’s like an homage not only to the book but to the film, not only to Stephen King but to Brian De Palma. It’s been made many times. There have been several television movies, ‘Carrie 2,’ two musicals! I remember thinking the first time there was a musical on Broadway, ‘Oh my Gosh! The people who ordinarily go to the theaters, that’s not really the audience.’ The first audience of ‘Carrie’ has aged now, so I think out of curiosity, I think it’s cool. As I understand it, they’re not remaking our film; they’re going back to the source material, to the book.”

And Ms. Spacek even suggested she’ll probably go to see that movie whenever it comes out, so if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, then we don’t know what is.

Look for the rest of‘s interview with Ms. Spacek over on the site next week.