Sales Art for the Thriller Before I Go to Sleep

Nu Image/Millennium Film’s site has posted some sales art, in anticipation of the Cannes Film Festival, for Before I Go to Sleep.

The thriller will star Nicole Kidman and be directed by Rowan Joffe.

According to the site: Before I Go to Sleep is based on the worldwide bestselling novel about a north London woman who wakes up every morning remembering nothing. Her husband tells her she suffered a trauma, and that she dare not leave home. She sneaks off to a doctor who gives her a small digital recorder and urges her to play back her thoughts day after day in hopes of re-integrating her mind. She does. It works. And that’s when she comes to realize that the man sleeping next to her…is not her husband.

Joffe prevoiusly directed Brighton Rock and was a writer on 28 Weeks Later.