Could the Next U.S. Version of The Ring Be Found Footage?

While on the set of Takashi Shimizu’s forthcoming CBS Films release 7500, we sat down with producer Roy Lee who revealed, at the time, that he was looking at pitches to reboot the American version of The Ring.

Meanwhile, overseas, the Ringu brand lives on via Sadako 3D.  (More on that inside.)  

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up to Paramount Film Group prez Adam Goodman to talk about all things industry-related and about the state of a few projects in the works at the studio.  

He touched on the next Ring and where it could be headed.

THR touched on the studio’s winning combination of the low cost/high box office formula Paramount has adapted to.  Goodman responded:

“The thing we’re most proud of is that the three Paranormal movies, Jackass 3D, The Devil Inside and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never were all made for $41 million or $42 million combined, and they have just crossed $1 billion at the global box office. The Ring is something that really lends itself to this format right now, so we’re talking to [producer] Walter Parkes about doing something with that. “

Read between the lines and it appears Goodman is saying that the next Ring could potentially be “found footage,” which, could certainly work in some respects.  The whole series needs to adapt to the ever-changing times of home video technology, however, so I doubt we’ll be seeing the Ring‘s curse afflict VHS.

Meanwhile, Sadako was part of a baseball publicity stunt in Japan.  Check this out: