Another Taste of Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has once again updated his Facebook page with a few images from The Lords of Salem.  

The writer-director has been using that spot to sporadically drop teasers on his fans and, today, he provided two photos from the editing room.  So, while you’re not getting official photos, per se, you are getting a glimpse, namely, at what appears to be the title sequence (which has a retro feel) and small scene.

Zombie must be loving life right now as he’s in no rush to complete this film by a certain date.  His previous two outings – the Halloween films –  had to adhere to a specific release date dictated by Dimension, hence putting a bit of pressure on the man.  Here, it seems, he’s being given some freedom.

For this first image, Zombie writes:  ”John 5 stopped by THE LORDS OF SALEM editing room today to discuss the amazing music he is scoring for the film.”

In this second photo: “THE LORDS OF SALEM editor Glenn Garland (who also edited The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween and Halloween 2) has obviously lost his mind on this one.”

For more on the film, follow this link!