Joss Whedon Talks The Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon Talks The Cabin in the WoodsAs we near the April 13th release of The Cabin in the Woods (Yes! It’s finally coming out!), expect to start seeing an increase in coverage about the project’s genesis and more, especially with a South By Southwest festival screening on the horizon.

In an interview with Total Film, co-writer and producer Joss Whedon explained the film is a bit of a reaction to where horror was over the last ten years and what he, along with director Drew Goddard, preferred to see in the genre.

He told the outlet:

“The things that I don’t like are kids acting like idiots, the devolution of the horror movie into torture porn and into a long series of sadistic comeuppances. Drew and I both felt that the pendulum had swung a little too far in that direction.”

Whedon describes Cabin as a “loving hate letter” (you got to love the man’s way with words).

“On some level it was completely a lark, me and Drew [Goddard, director] trying to figure out what the most fun we could have would be. On another level it’s a serious critique of what we love and what we don’t about horror movies.”

Lots more about Cabin to come!  As I’ve stated before, I’ve seen the film and love the hell out of it.  Hopefully, I can get a review posted soon.