Choice Cuts 37: Reflecting on Final Destination With Jeffrey Reddick

Next week, this year’s Final Destination 5 makes its DVD and Blu-ray debut and, in anticipation of this release, we felt it was time to look back at the creation of that lucrative palette of gore and death called the Final Destination franchise with the man who kicked it all off, Jeffrey Reddick.

The screenwriter landed on the horror scene with 2000′s Final Destination, a film that – at the time – sprung from the teen horror boom, yet offered a refreshing deviation from the masked slasher/body count formula.  His contributions to the franchised waned over the subsequent installments, however, as we learn, he has always been just a phone call away from the series’ producer, Craig Perry, for advice and to give his blessing.

Head inside for an exclusive chat with Reddick about Final Destination and its latest entry.