Horror Hosts Come Together for Monster Birthday

Beginning this afternoon, full details inside

Happy Birthday, monster movies!

An unprecedented birthday party is planned at for the monster movie genre, which turns 100-years old this month.

Beginning today at 5PM EST, the “100 Years of Monster Movies” campaign kicks off with a nonstop webcast of monster movies, from classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Wasp Woman to modern gorefests like Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon and Bacterium.

The event, which will be simulcast at, ends Sunday night at 9PM with a screening of the monster movie that started it all, Thomas Edison’s 1910 short Frankenstein.

Between the films will be live intros by “horror hosts,” cult personalities with names like Penny Dreadful, Count Von Scary and Doktor Ghoulfinger, who recreate the classic “monster movie night” television show at their local syndicated stations. That same weekend they are all gathered for the first time at the Horrorhound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, and each will take a turn opening a classic film during the webcast.

Joining them at the convention that weekend are classic TV horror hosts like Washington DC’s Count Gore De Vol, Joe Bob Briggs of TNT’s “Monstervision”, and perhaps the most famous horror host of all, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Lastly, the webcast will feature a live introduction of “Night of the Living Dead” by its legendary director, George A. Romero.

FearWerx, Dark Carnival Film Festival and EMCE Toys pulled this bash together. Get into it!

Source: Shock Till You Drop