Teaser Trailer for Webcam with Robert Englund

A 3-D high-tech thriller

Antoni Sole asks for you to “watch close” in his teaser trailer for the upcoming thriller Web Cam 3D, but to be honest, all we can see is a close-up of a woman’s face and a lot of “shaky cam.” Nevertheless, this is your first look at the film, announced in December, which stars

Robert Englund and Amaia Salamanca. Michael Madsen and Estella Warren’s names were attached to that official announcement, but we don’t see them on the IMDB listing anymore.

ABS Productions is shepherding the film. If you take a look at their official site, they’ve got a number of films in development including Director’s Cut with Mick Garris and Peter Medak writer and directing, respectively.

In the initial Web Cam 3D press release, the film was said to be about a man who lures a group of high school kids to a party and films them using discreet cameras and broadcasts it on the net. People are then asked to vote on who should die and who should live.

But you don’t really get that from the teaser…

So, we turn to ABS’ site who now offer this description: A high-tech thriller set in the heart of a major North American city. In a time when urban violence is perceived as a natural result of modern society, rather than a threat to condemn and abort.

Source: Anthoni Sole