Dee Snider Gives Update on Strangeland 2: Disciple

The sequel to his ’98 horror film debut

Back in mid-January, we spotted a casting call for Strangeland: Disciple, the long in-the-works sequel to Dee Snider’s 1998 horror film debut. Fangoria has a lengthy interview with Snider talking about what we can expect from the follow-up.

“One of the things that Strangeland: Disciple focuses on still continues in reality-based form, something that could happen,” says Snider. “It focuses more on society and the cult of personality. These villains become sensationalized in the press and almost become antiheroes and have followings. The media also glamorizes and blows these things up. Again, it makes them something like heroes to certain people, because they’re so oppressed—‘Oh, the poor sick man.’ The movie looks a lot at that, which is a big theme today. Then, it goes much further into the world of body modification and tribal ritual. Since I did the first one, people have become much more aware of what’s going on in the subculture, but I believe there’s even more depravity to explore.”

While no director is officially attached as of yet, Snider’s definitely narrowed down his wishlist. “We’re focusing on young, talented filmmakers, and there are some great ones out there,” he explains. “The difference between the last time I looked for a director and this time is that I’m really invested in the horror community on the next level, through Fango Radio and through making Strangeland and becoming a fixture or a semi-fixture in the horror community, so my awareness of the talent pool and what’s out there is much greater. We have to lock in a director in the next 30 days; we’re going out to representatives right now and making offers.”

On top of bringing Robert Kurtzman on board for the FX duties, Snider says, “Robert Englund is attached, period. He is all set to reprise his role as Jackson Roth. He was significant in the last one, but he comes back in a much more powerful way. This is definitely a movie about revenge, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get that Jackson Roth is none too happy about having been made Captain Howdy’s bitch in the first movie.”

For more info, check out the full chat on Fango’s blog right here. The new Strangeland begins shooting this May in Ohio.

Source: Fangoria