Some Guy Who Kills People Director Speaks

Who’s playing who?

Director Jack Perez spilled the bean recently on his cast and their respective roles in the horror-revenge flick Some Guy Who Kills People, which is being executive produced by John Landis.

“I thought of Kevin Corrigan for the leading role of Ken, a suicidal illustrator who violently strikes out against a group of vicious bullies who tortured him in high school,” Perez tells Fangoria. “Kevin and I had always wanted to do something together, and he soon signed on, followed by the amazing Karen Black as Ken’s mother, Lucy Davis from the original The Office and Shaun of the Dead as Ken’s would-be girlfriend, Barry Bostwick as the wacked-out small-town sheriff trying to catch the killer, child actor Ariel Gade from Dark Water and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem as Ken’s daughter and Kids’ Leo Fitzpatrick as Ken’s best friend. I count myself lucky to have secured such a fine cast.”

Click on the Fango link above to read about how the project came together for the director. Shooting begins soon in the Los Angeles area.

Source: Fangoria