Closed For The Season Premieres At MonsterMania

Thriller debuts at huge 3-day convention

One of the biggest and best (not to mention funnest) conventions on the East Coast is the annual MonsterMania event in Cherry Hill, NJ, taking place this year between the dates of March 12-14. On top of the usual barrage of unique and original genre themed guests, this upcoming convention will premiere ShadowCast Pictures new supernatural thriller Closed For The Season. Written and directed by Jay Woelfel, Closed For The Season stars Aimee Brooks (Monster Man, The Mangler Reborn, Critters 3), Damian Maffei (The upcoming Joe R. Lansdale’s Mister Weed-Eater), and Joe Unger (Leatherface).

Producer Jon D. Wagner said “MonsterMania is a perfect fit for the initial screening of Closed For The Season. We want people who really understand and have a passion for the genre to be the first to see it.”

The film tells the story of Kristy (Brooks), who finds herself trapped inside a decaying, abandoned amusement park, with James (Maffei), son of the park’s caretakers. The pair finds themselves being tormented by a mysterious carny (Unger) and the long discarded and decrepit attractions of the park.

Scheduled as guests for the entire weekend and slated to appear at the screening for a Q & A session are stars Damian Maffei, Joe Unger, and director/writer Jay Woelfel.

Other guests for the MonsterMania include a Night Of The Creeps reunion (with Jason Lively, Jill Whitlow and Steve Marshall), a My Bloody Valentine reunion (with Neil Affleck, Al Humphreys, Lori Hallier, Helen Udy, Peter Cowper and Paul Kelman), Gary Busey, Eric Roberts, Mark Patton, Doug Bradley, Wendy Kaplan (Halloween 5), Terrence Zdunich and many, many more.

Get the full details at the official website right here.

Source: MonsterMania