Full Cast, Plot Details for Mirrors 2

The sequel to Alex Aja’s thriller

Fox Home Entertainment continues to mine their theatrical horror fare for direct-to-DVD sequel potential (see: Wrong Turn and Joy Ride). This time, it’s Alex Aja’s 2008 Mirrors, with Kiefer Sutherland, that’s now getting a follow-up.

Mirrors 2 is currently rolling in Louisiana. At the helm is Victor Garcia, director of Return to House on Haunted Hill and the 30 Days of Night web series, “Blood Trails.” And scripting is Matt Venne who penned the Masters of Horror episode Pelts, an episode of Fear Itself and White Noise 2. Fox is likely going to debut the film later next year and we’ve got a list of the cast members involved including the plot synopsis.

Starring is Nick Stahl as Max Matheson. Jack Matheson, presumably his father, is played by William Katt. Emmanuelle Vaugier, Lawrence Turner, Stephanie Honore, Christy Charlson Romano, Jon Michael Davis, Evan Jones, Wayne Pere, Lance E. Nichols, Ann McKenzie and Jennifer Sipes co-star.

The story? When Max, a recovering addict, takes a job as a night time security guard job at his father’s department store, he begins to see visions of a young woman in the store’s mirrors. Unsure whether his visions are side effects of his prescription sleeping pills or actual reality, he begins to look deeper into the source of the images in the mirrors. When employees of the store turn up dead and Max is a suspect in the murders, he must expose the girl’s connection to a scandal within the department store’s walls in order to prove his innocence and put a stop to the spirits in the mirrors.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor