Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie

IDW continues the story…

While Paramount threatens to milk the success of Paranormal Activity with a sequel, IDW Publishing has unveiled an online comic book you can download for a measly 99 cents. It’s a follow-up to the first film called “Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie” – a rather sensational moniker that drums up images of a big adventure. Here’s how IDW describes it:

Katie has gone missing. And Dr. Johann Averys, an internationally renowned demonologist, is determined to find her! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY didn’t stop on the final frame of the movie—in fact, the story is just beginning!

Boom. There you go. Scott Lobdell penned the story. Get it right here if you want to know where Katie’s run off to.

Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie

Source: iTunes