Fox, Dourif Bitten By the Junkyard Dog

Watch the trailer now

The creator of Succubus: Hell Bent, a 2007 supernatural thriller with Gary Busey, is back and pushing Vivica A. Fox through a serial killer mystery with genre vet Brad Dourif.

It’s called Junkyard Dog; written and directed by Kim Bass, the film makes its American Film Market debut next week and will be barking for potential distributors.

Synopsis: A cannibalistic serial rapist kidnaps his tenth victim in as many months on Halloween night. Audra Buckman struggles to stay alive and uneaten while being held captive. Audra’s only hope of escape from this hell – and the mouth of a madman – is Samantha Deatherage, a tough FBI agent who is sent on a solo assignment to search for the missing girl.

Naturally, with most thrillers today, this one, too, is “based on true events.” Watch the trailer below.

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Source: Epic Pictures Group