Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods Pushed, Going 3-D!

Now opening in early 2011

MGM Studios has decided to push Joss Whedon’s anticipated horror flick The Cabin in the Woods, directed and co-written by Cloverfield‘s Drew Goddard, back nearly a year, from its original release date of February 5, 2010 to the new date of January 14, 2011.

MGM reps tell the reason they’re doing this is because the early response to the film has been phenomenal and they’re going to spend six months or so converting the picture to 3-D.

There is nothing else scheduled for that 2011 date, which is the four-day weekend to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr, although the fourth Underworld movie is currently scheduled to open one week later.

Source: Edward Douglas, Ryan Rotten