Update: Over 80 Hi-Res Photos from the Twilight: New Moon Set

Now on location in Italy

Update 5/29: We’ve added 14 more hi-res photos bringing our total to over 80 images.

Werewolves, vampires and now, apparently, a bunch of crimson robe-wearing strangers converge in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz, as evident in the series of photos we’ve just received the set in Italy. You can click on the image below for over 65 hi-res spy pics or right here if the link is too slow.

Because I have absolutely no clue what I’m looking at other than Kristen Stewart fleeing and Robert Pattinson basking in the sun. I turned to a “Twilight” fan to explain: “Bella goes to Italy to save Edward from getting himself killed, Edward thinks Bella is already dead. There’s a festival going on, he takes his shirt off to sparkle to get recognized by the general public so that the Volturi (vampire clan) will destroy him for trying to expose vampires.”

There you have it, ladies and other “Twilight” fans. Enjoy and look for the film on November 20th.

Again, click on the photo below for our full gallery!

Source: Splash News