EXCL: Justin Long’s Great Experience in After.Life

The dark, beautiful and disturbing new thriller

When it comes to on-screen girlfriends, Justin Long’s track record is pretty grim. In the May 29th horror release Drag Me to Hell, his leading lady Alison Lohman faces a demonic threat and an eternity of fire and brimstone. After that, co-star Christina Ricci is fed a big bowl of doom in After.Life in which Long stars next to Liam Neeson (Taken).

“I’ve seen a little bit of the footage. It’s really dark and beautiful,” Long, who jumped on the horror scene with Jeepers Creepers, tells “It looks amazing for what they made it for – like $10 million. It’s going to be genuinely creepy and disturbing.” The story, written and directed by Agnieszka Vosloo, spins off from a fatal car accident that puts Ricci, who plays Long’s girlfriend, on the slab. “She gets taken in by this mortician Liam Neeson plays. She wakes up on the table as he’s preparing her body. She’s obviously quite confused and he convinces her he’s a medium for the after life, she’s really dead, but she’s in this purgatory state when in fact he’s injecting her full of…there are in fact chemicals that make the body appear as if it’s dead.”

From there the mystery begins not just for Ricci but for Long’s character who suspects she might still be alive. “The director grounded it in this reality and it makes things far more disturbing. I’ve got these intense scenes with Liam, scenes I never thought I’d have an opportunity to do with actors I never thought I’d get to work with. So, for me as an actor, it was the greatest experience I ever had.”

At the time of this writing, After.Life does not have a domestic distributor.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor